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Card: The Wish

Committee Suit

I Am One Who blows wishes into the gentle breeze, envisioning the manifestation of my dreams. I am immersed in the cycle of life, supported by nature’s creations. Ideas sprout from my imagination and bloom brightly, transforming hopes into reality.


SoulCollage® is an expressive arts method that uses intuition, imagination, and images to help us explore and embrace the inner wisdom that exists within us all. Created by Seena Frost, M.A., M.Div., SoulCollage® was founded on the belief that by tuning in and remaining open to the insights that come from within, we can become more aware of our own strengths as well as areas where we’d like to see growth. Through this process, we can often answer our own questions about how to best handle situations, and we can also be our own cheerleaders, going forward with the confidence and knowledge of our own gifts. This fun method of self-discovery has many applications and often helps participants access and enhance their creativity.

The nature of SoulCollage® makes it accessible to all! No artistic ability is required, and the materials needed are as simple as blank cards, scissors, glue, a few magazines, and a place to journal. Anyone can enjoy and benefit from the method—all it takes is a willingness to engage with the process.

We're attracted to images that mirror what’s inside of us. By placing images intuitively on cards and letting them speak—through journaling and writing prompts—we allow our own wisdom to reach and impact us.

I’m an authorized SoulCollage® facilitator who studied the method under lead trainer Mariabruna Sirabella. As someone who has made great use of vision boards, visual journaling, and collage as part of my writing and self-help processes, SoulCollage® immediately appealed to me as a personal practice. Having earned a B.A. in psychology at Stanford University, the Jungian underpinnings of SoulCollage® resonate deeply. After attending numerous workshops and immersing myself in the materials for many months, I decided to become a facilitator in order to share this enchanting creative method with others. I’m thrilled to share this insightful method with those in my community and beyond!

Upcoming events are listed below. I’d love to warmly welcome you to an enlightening workshop featuring this thoughtful method of exploration. Insight and surprises await!


For further information on SoulCollage®, please visit the official website:

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